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Product Price - NZD QTY
Aerobatics for Glider Pilots $78.00
Beyond Gliding Distance (All New) $76.50
Charlie Spratt (See ya at the airport) A great read- A real laugh) $24.50
Competing in Gliders (Edition II- the ultimate pilot’s book) $69.50
Cross Country Soaring (Reichmann) (The best, 8th ed) $89.50
Dancing With The Wind - (The Best-ever Gliding Manual) $99.50
Exploring the Monster (Greatest Wave story ever told) $72.00
Fundamentals of Sailplane Design (About performance) - $29.50
Glider Pilot Bold (Light reading- a fun book) $23.00
Glider Pilot’s Log Books (Hard Embossed Cover- Hand bound) $36.00
GLIDING (Piggott) (The Bible- in everyone’s library) $36.50
Ground Launches (Piggott) (On winch & car launching) $45.00
I learned to glide for Hitler (Autobiographical- Joe Volmar) $49.50
Instructors Field hand book $8.50
Joy of Soaring (Carle Conway) (Coffee table book) $15.00
Master of the Wave - by Terry Delore $76.50
Meteorology & Flight (Bradbury) The bible of meteorology $78.00
Modern Soaring Dictionary (Illustrated) (A great reference book) $19.50
Performance Enhancement of Modern Sailplanes $35.50
Practical Wave Flying- (Previously unavailable for three years) $35.50
Qualified Glider Pilot - Study Training Manual $32.00
Sky Full of Heat (By the world’s - Sebastian Kawa) $76.00
Slingsby Fibre-glass Repair Manual $84.00
Silver Badge made easy (Bob Wander) $39.50
Soaring Beyond the Clouds (Enevoldson’s 100,000 ft goal) $25.00
Soaring Pilot’s manual by Ken Stewart $72.00
Stalking the Mountain Wave (New from a Canadian Wave Pilot) $59.00
The Leading Edge (Dick Georgeson’s book- Second Edition) $39.50
Theory of Flight For Glider Pilots $22.50
Thermalling made Easy (Very understandable - stay up longer) $39.00
Understanding Gliding (By Piggott) $62.00
Understanding Flying Weather (Meteorology- Great first book) $39.95
Black Sands-White Wings-DVD $18.00
Airsports Live-(Final of a IGC Grand Prix) $29.95
Wind Born and Champions of the Wave on one DVD (2 hours viewing) $39.95
Wind Born (Lucy Learns to Fly) - German Edition $29.95
A Fine Week of It - Karl Striedieck shows how he flies a week long contest $28.00
Winds of Contrast - About the Nor-west arch $29.00

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