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There has been no change to our subscription rates for almost 10 years. But that time has arrived! Postal charges have risen to almost 40% of the subscription you are paying to have your printed version delivered to your door step. Additionally, we have reviewed the frequency the magazine appears and it has been decided that Gliding International will go monthly as from the July 2020 issue. (It will be 10 issues per annum, monthly with the exception of December and January) . There will still be two version issues to choose from - (printed/posted and/or digital).

We have reviewed our digital version and now have a new computer program. The print will be bigger and much easier to read. PDF copies will no longer be catered for. Being able to let friends have free copies of your subscription has been removed. Page changes when reading from the screen is only the push of one button once to change to the next page.

Subscription Rates Must Be Upgraded

The new annual Digital Subscription is to be NZ$86.00 per annum (US$50 - € 48 - £42 - Aus$74). Two year subs are discounted. The new printed version subscription will be $NZ136.00 per annum (US$82 - € 75 - £66 - Aus$128). Two year subs are discounted.

The new concept will commence with our July 2020 issue when your existing subscription will be transferred to the new concept.

Our loyal advertisers get a bonus. Your annual rate remains unchanged. You will now get 10 insertions for the previous rate for six. ($US2,200 full colour, multiple changes free - per annum)

Finally, we intend to bring our subscribers a better news service in regard to gliding competitions and championships. I hope you will continue to support us. We try hard!